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Top 3 iOS slot machine games – where to play mobile casino slots

Everyone loves a good slot machine game, they are the breadwinner of casino activity, and now with mobile technology, they are accessible to play more or less anywhere, and all the time (though not at work, or while driving, of course). 

There’s scores of slot machine games on iOS – some great;some dreadful – to get your gambling fix at your convenience on your iPhone or iPad.

We thought we should take some time to pick out the best iOS slot machine games to save you the time.

Slots Casino

This iPad slots game is great for many reasons, and one of them if the various themes and styles that it offers. One thing we really like about this is that you can play offline, which is great when you’re on the Tube, or your internet has just ran out.

Even the negative point to Slots Casino is actually a positive, it’s verrrry addictive. Once you Slot, you just can’t stop should be its tagline.

This means that should you’re luck come in, then there’s some decent cash to be won, or get a little carried away with the essence of our made up tagline, and you might have to join the back of the doll queue. Only kidding, it’s stimulated gambling.

Slots of the Caribbean

This fun and fast pirate themed slots game that’s compatible with iOS on iPad will having you spinning for gold all the time. The good thing with this game is that you you can play against other people, like real people, or pirates, call them what you will.

You can also compete in the leaderboards to see who the real Jack Sparrow among you and your mates. There’s 5 different bonus rounds to enjoy, and you can play up to 25 lines per spin, winning free skull coins along the way.

The only thing we were disappointed with at Gambling Deals is that we didn’t all turn into Johnny Depp after playing it for 5 hours. Never mind, ships ahoy!

Born to be Rich 

God, if only we were. This game is a catchy and fun game that you can play on both iPad and iPhone, which makes the mobile gambling, well, more mobile. You’ll be rewarded with chips for simply downloading the game, and you can also play these slots offline too, which is always a bonus.

Hours and hours will pass gambling away on the numerous slots they have within the app, and you’ll suddenly realise that you’re 44 and single, it is that much fun. One of the games has a 30-line slot.


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