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The amazing homes bought by lottery winners – Gambling Deals looks at the top 3

Getting on the property ladder is the dream of most people, and many work extremely hard to secure their future in bricks and mortar by saving and paying off a mortgage they could do without.

But what about those lucky son-of-a-guns who win big sums of money and need no such thing as a mortgage?

We take a look at the houses (or mansions, palaces, take your pick) of these three lucky Lotto winners.

Neil Trotter

It’s probably safe to say that there’s not many car mechanics living in £5 million medieval mansions. That’s because not many mechanics win £108 million on the Lottery.

Mr Trotter went from living in a 3-bed semi to strutting around his 400 acres of land.

It didn’t take the motor-mad Trotter long to figure out what he wanted to do with the money, he told the Mail: ‘There are a lot of stunning cars out there – I’m going to need a lot of garage space at the new house,’ he said. The EuroMillions winner also described how the couple hoped to find a ‘slower pace of living’ by moving to the country.

To top off the envy you’ll be feeling right now, the couple then sold their original house and made some cool profit to add to this huge sum of cash.

Michael Carroll

Most Lottery wins are bound to create a fair share of stories, but not many winners will manage hit the headlines quite as much as this anti-social nut case.

After winning a whopping £9.7 million on the Lottery, Carroll managed to turn his pad in Swaffham, Norfolk – that should have been worth around £700,000 – into a £142,000 wreck. His friend told the Daily Mail: ‘He was living like a wild animal. There was evidence of drink and drugs in every room. He used to hold wild drugs and sex parties and the house got ruined.

‘There was no heating, so people set fire to doors to keep warm.’

By the time he’d had his magic way with the property, it looked as though someone had walked around it with a sledgehammer and demolished everything. Not the best business move by any stretch of the imagination.

Colin and Christine Weir

This couple won a truly staggering £161million jackpot on the Euromillions – the biggest Lotto win in the UK – as you can imagine, they were quite keen to move house.

After looking around a frankly gorgeous manor house in Troon, Scotland, for what was reported to be a mere ten minutes, they decided to part with £3.5 million to make their dream a reality.

They didn’t finish up wasting the money quite as bad as Mr Carroll, but they did donate £3.5m to the Yes Scotland campaign.

They gave their pre-Lotto home to a lucky neighbour for free. There’s so much luck around apparently, it makes you want to take a punt.


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