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Top 5 best Las Vegas buffets

Las Vegas, as we’ve mentioned many times before on Gambling Deals, is the city of true excess. Excessive gambling; winning; losing; drinking, and eating, all in the extreme. We’ve already covered the fancy food, but what if that just isn’t what you want, especially if you’re with your friends for a pure gambling weekend, you will more likely just want to stuff your face, before heading to the city’s top bars.

We selected the 5 top places in Vegas to go for a buffet.

Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet

If you’re super hungry, then this will be the place for you, and likewise if you’re greedy.

Sitting in an enormous space of 25,000 square feet, is a myriad of cuisines from around the world. Here you’ll find everything from Mexican food, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, and they have great seafood, and moreish pizzas. And, if ribs are your thing, then you’ll love the house-smoked barbecue ribs here. While the veggies among you, fear not, you’ll have much to choose from.

The cuisines are divided up into what they call show kitchens where the quality nosh is freshly prepped and cooked, and there’s also a fantastic selection of desserts that will decisively resolve any sweet tooth. For big, glutenous style eating, this place at Caesars is the go-to place.

Wicked Spoon

At The Wicked Spoon you’ll find a traditional carving station (sort of what we’d call a carvery in the UK), which serves quality ribs, pork, and roast lamb, with a variety of side dishes to pair with your meat. We’ve heard and read great things about the truffled scalloped potatoes, which are almost certainly worth a try.

The good news about this place it that portion sizes are, well, lets say handsome. Perfect to fill up before you go and gambling the night away in the local casinos


Styled like a village with lampposts and potted plants, this Vegas favourite at Bellagio has a pretty relaxed atmosphere.

The buffet itself offers a large selection of seafood, salads and desserts, which separates itself from most other Vegas buffets. It could be argued that here the food is a little more refined but overall not as glutenous, which can be a welcome relief after a few days in Sin City. They do a good prime rib here, and a great mac ’n’ cheese if you’ve got the kids with you or just fancy some comfort food.

Great place, gambling status: eat here before you go out for the evening to the glamorous bars and clubs.

Green Valley Ranch Resort.

If your pockets are feeling a bit light after you’ve counted your gambling losses, then this might be the place for you. A true Strip buffet with prices stripped down enough to be off the Strip.

It’s nice and spacious here, and the environment and decor is in keeping with the overall Sin City feel of grandiose.

Here you can get an all-American made-to-reassure kickass milkshake. Yes, it will possibly be a made-to-reassure true American style heart attack, but nothing a big gambling win couldn’t rectify, should your luck come in.


With its canteen style interior the buffet at Aria has its chefs cooking in front of the guests at the various food stations. The food here includes some tasty seafood, the obvious American grub, Asian, Mediterranean, and a carvery and Tandoori for you nostalgic Brits: chicken masala with basmati rice. You ca also get some freshly baked naan bread.

If you really feel that Vegas has zapped the goodness out of you, then you can replenish yourself at the salad bar.

Hmm, or just stick to the nice stuff, you are in Vegas after all.
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