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Top 5 bingo apps to play on the go

Bingo is the ultimate gambling activity of the Brits, as we’ve said before. It is both fun and can be highly addictive, like all gambling to a degree. But far away from the old dim-lit halls where live bingo takes place, there’s a myriad of apps now on the market to cater for the digital age. So now with the option to play bingo while you’re sitting in a traffic jam (thought of course we don’t recommend that), or more aptly sitting on the toilet, or at your office desk, we thought we’d take a look at some bingo apps so you know which ones are the best, and can get stuck into your game.

There are plenty of bingo apps that allow you to play against real people, and also play against a computer version, so you’ll never run out of bingo friends.

Bingo Fever

With almost 60,000 five star ratings in the app store, Bingo Fever is clearly a hard hitting game. Available on Android and with between 1 million and 5 million downloads, this game allows you to play in real time against real people from many different countries. There is also Bingo Fever’s daily lottery that you can enter into, and more than 20 different rooms (think bingo halls), with more always being added to the list.

Bingo Blitz

This is a great game for sociable players, as you can chat in real time to those you’re playing against. Friends on this social gambling app can also send you gifts in coins, which is a great feature adding to the social angle. You can sync up your Facebook profile to the app and invite friends to join you (beware you don’t irritate your whole friends list doing this though). It’s a fun game and there’s some decent daily tournament you can enter.

Bingo Heaven

Available on both iOS and Android, Bingo Heaven is one of the most popular bingo games out there. Updated and upgraded every month, this developers behind this are always working hard to improve your gambling experience. It has various tournaments and bingo rooms to play in, and you also have the option to play both online or offline.

Foxy Bingo

A real money bingo app where you can deposit and cash out at any time. Foxy Bingo runs on both on mobile or tablet. New games are always there to start, and Foxy run various deals and special offers making it quite tempting to put your honed skills to use after practising on one of the other app, albeit in a simulated environment.

Gala Bingo

This easy to use and sleek designed app allows to to win gamble for real money. It’s available on iOS and most of its early bugs have been dealt with so it’s all mostly smooth playing these days. What’s even better is that when you sign up there’s all sorts of cash bonuses and deals to be had – not least the £40 for signing up.


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