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Top 5 casino destinations in the world – Gambling Deals reviews the best

Many argue that gambling is the preserve of the social misfit, guided by emotional instability and addiction more than the prospect of a win. Sounds grim yes.

But lets not be too cynical, some people, probably like yourself, enjoy mostly the thrill of the prospective win, time out of the house, and many just enjoy it while away with friends in great cities that cater for a even greater gambling experience. It’s not all eccentrics staggering nervously around looking for their next fix. Gambling can be fun; do it sensibly and with care.

So, when you fancy a weekend away with your friends, wouldn’t it be nice to go somewhere beautiful to do something in the day, and somewhere to have a gamble in the evening – for fun?

We took a look at 5 great places to go where you can gamble:

Monte Carlo

You simply cannot talk about beautiful places with casinos without mentioning the stunning European principality of Monte Carlo.

Known for its wealth and stunning views of the Mediterenian Sea, what could be better than a weekend away to soak up some sun, drink great cocktails in the many fashionable bars, to then move onto a late night gamble, before you head out with your betting wins for a spot of quality fine dining.

Las Vegas

It may not be the home of the world’s biggest casino, but it absolutely deserves its rep as being the cultural gambling capital with the fitting moniker Sin City. As American as you can get, everything in excess, especially betting.

The restaurant scene in Sin City is pretty awesome, more or less offering every type of food you could wish for. There’s also some serious money to be won. A great place to go to lose your senses for a few days away.

If you can’t have a good time in London then you’ve absolutely no business in claiming to want fun at all. Maybe we’re biased at Gambling Deals, as we’re based in London, but really, this is one of the best cities provided you have a bit of cash in your pocket.

The general feeling that you are in the economic heartbeat of the world (there or there about), extends to the atmosphere when you visit one of the many brilliant casinos. Pockets of peace and despair shut off from the rest of the city and the world.


China is home to the world’s biggest casinos, all of which are in Macau. Once a Portuguese colony you’ll be treated to a brilliant juxtaposition of architecture; traditional Chinese and Portuguese often merged, and a food culture that is least expected when in China. City’s often cater for world cuisine.

You might want to try The Venetian, which was the first massive casino to open on Macao’s famous Cotai Strip, with plenty of luxury on offer. You better get the big betting win for this.


Back to Europe for this one. A surprising fact about this European gem is that online gambling is still illegal. Ain’t that surprising?

What people aren’t betting for online they certainly make up for in the live, real world with real people casinos. So after you’ve pretended to be a real person in the real world, you’ll then have the spoils of the fabulous city, which lets face it, has some of the best food and wine in the world. Not a bad life if you can afford it.


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