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Top 5 casino games – Gambling Deals reviews the best

At the heart of gambling there is meant to be fun, and trust us, there is plenty to be had, which is why casino games are constantly being developed and pipe up all the time – mostly online. New this; new that. But the spot for the best and most popular casino games still seems to be reserved for the classic games, that need not be ran online, which now has a dominant place in the market.

So with the many games popping up, we thought it’d be a good time to have a look at the top 5 casino games.


No other gambling experience can come close to the simplicity of a roulette table. There’s something o-so-primitive about playing a game for money based solely on instinct, rather than tact. This probably goes a long way to the fact that the roulette tables are pretty packed in any casino. As the ball rattles its way around, it’s good to take a sip of brandy to aid or kill your nerves and adrenaline.


If mega money is what you want out of gambling, then you better be prepared to learn the master of poker. Well, there’s certainly levels in poker, and it suffers no fools, or at least not for long. Arguably the most popular online gambling activity in the world, there’s some real fun to be had if you dig the game. It’s not at all for the gambler seeking a quick thrill. This is a sit down, long haul style game that requires thought and deviance. Both are equally exhausting.


Without doubt the most popular casino game of all, the slot machines. In fact, they go a long way in symbolising what gambling is all about. Glitz, fun, noise and simplicity. There are lots of online slot machines but there’s nothing quite like a physical game. There’s some huge figures to be won too in the world of slots.


You don’t need to be a pro to play craps, but it probably helps. There is a bit of skill and finesse needed to be good at this game, but it is fun and exactly why it’s curved and remains a popular classic to this day. This casino game is not for the light hearted, it suits the people who prefer to think when the gamble. Poker players tend to like it, roulette-heads, however. Hmm.


Excuse the terrible pun, but cards and casinos go hand in hand, and blackjack is an ideal game for a person who is partial to a quick thrill, and almost certainly the most popular card game in the world. There is some good cash to be won playing blackjack too, and it’s become a popular online spin. When the cards are being dished, the blood gets pumping, and you look the dealer in the eyes. Yep, you really want to see the number 21 don’t you.


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