Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2017

It is safe to say that we are all by now conscious of the fact that staying healthy does not require maintaining a consistently healthy diet alone, – exercise is just as important to avoid minimal results from all your hard work. We have brought you a selection of 5 of the most popular health apps of 2017 to help implement ways to support healthy eating and fitness into your lifestyle, so you can reach your goal of becoming a healthier you.

Map My Run

If you enjoy running, jogging or walking, you will find ‘Map My Run’ an incredibly useful app as it allows you to track your progress with the added benefit of entering a community to interact, compete and become friends with. You can share your activity across social media platforms and monitor your calories burnt whilst on the go, allowing you to make every mile count!

Gain Fitness

If you find yourself feeling in need of a little motivation or guidance when working out, Gain Fitness allows you access to your very own digital personal trainer,- (which in turn means you won’t even need to leave your house!) It offers a wide variety of customized workouts for you to select at different difficulty levels to best suit your needs and its handy trainer tips mean you won’t risk putting a foot wrong.


If you are looking for some inspirational recipes, then Yummly provides just this. With the option to browse personalised recommended recipes and filter ones to match your diet or desired taste, this app is perfect for those lacking a little imagination when it comes to food. It also provides a list of ingredients used to make each dish, even listing the calories contained within them and the time you should expect to spend making each meal.


Lift may just be the app we’ve been waiting for to help us adopt better habits, -whether it be to eat breakfast, meditate, floss or drink more water. Simply pick the habit you wish to begin and the app will set automatic reminders, monitoring your progress towards reaching your goal/goals. Encouragement from the public is an available option to help fuel your motivation. Also, being able to celebrate by checking into a habit gives this app a satisfying edge which we feel increases your chances of being successful in maintaining your goal also.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is perfect for Yoga beginners and veterans alike. It’s a pocket-sized way to practice and create your own routine from a library of poses with easy-to –follow teacher commentaries. This app makes it possible to practice from your own living room which is a much-loved benefit. It contains over 280 poses and 30 classes for you to master, so the app certainly provides a wide range of exercises for any Yogi. Namaste!

All of the above have been created with the in intention of sculpting you mentally and physically into becoming a healthier version of you. So, if you want to make a positive change, look no further- it’s never too late to start!

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