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Top 5 highest earning musicians right now

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could quit your 9-5 job, and simply make nice sounds with your vocal chords for a living? Well, it’s really far harder to actually earn money from music. One must have the right ingredients of talent, and a crew or band that can project your brilliance with talent of their own. Everyone is a musician these days, but very few earn any money from it. But those that do, those at the top of the industry — who sell millions of albums and tour tickets — really are earning a fortune. We thought we’d take a look at the top five highest earning musicians.

Katy Perry – $135m

Katy Perry tops the list as the singer is the highest-paid musician of the past year. But if that isn’t enough, she’s a bit more than that, she’s the number three highest earning celebrity n the world behind the likes of star boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. She earns millions of cash from tours and albums alike. Perry’s decision to go from singing church gospel music to singing catchy songs about lesbian hook ups was possibly the best and biggest gamble she took. Good on her, it certainly paid off.

One Direction – $130m

The group of floppy-haired Brit boys are the biggest boy band in the world. They earn more than Rolling Stones by double, and sell tickets literally like hotcakes. Crazy when we consider the fact that this is the band that didn’t win the talent contest they entered, that in turn projected their career after being snapped up by music honcho Simon Cowell. Whoever had the bright idea to enter that talent reality TV show, is certainly owed a drink; if not a million.

Garth Brooks – $90m

When the thunder rolls, the bank balance strikes. Hard. The country singer is probably one of the genres’ biggest icons who came out of retirement for his tour, that saw him earn well over $1 million at every turn. He is an indefatigable character who has been known to play back-to-back shows in the same evening.

Taylor Swift – $80m

When musician can sell over 3 million copies of an album, it’s safe to say that their bank balance will be in good shape. — Swift’s single called Wildest Dreams” hit the charts’ top spot, which made her bank manager and everyone around her smile all the more. As a prolific songwriter, Swift has received accolades many notable organisatios, from Nashville Songwriters Association to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She has won a staggering ten Grammy Awards, and one Emmy Award.

The Eagles – $73.5m

Who doesn’t like The Eagles? They seem as though they’re been around forever to most people, especially the born post-70s. Although the famous classic rock band haven’t hit number spot in many years, they still earn a fortune from tours and the like. They are the archetypal American rock band, and one the world’s best-selling bands of all time; they’ve sold more than 150 million records, which is quite a colossal amount of music. Welcome to the hotel of success. It’s somewhere near California, apparently.

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