Top 5 roulette apps reviewed by Gambling Deals

We’ve said before that few other gambling experiences come close to the simplicity and adrenaline of a roulette table. But can this experience be the same when it’s not face-to-face real life gambling?

With the invent of much mobile technology came a surge in mobile casino apps too, so roulette can be enjoyed at the most unlikely times, without stepping a foot near a real-world casino.

We thought we’d take a look at the top 5 roulette mobile apps.

Roulette Money Maker

This roulette app, which is Apple-only compatible, brings you right to the heart of the roulette table at the tap of a simple icon.

Created by the guys at App4Play, who develop a myriad of mobile games, little surprise that you get a sense quickly that the app knows what it’s doing. Every table spin is absolutely random, so the sense of fun and excitement is just the same, if not the environment. Lets face it, sitting on the toilet hardly compares to the real casino roulette table. It’s all in HD, so makes for a visually pleasurable experience.

Roulette Emperor Gaming App

This is another app developed for iOS, so can be played both on iPad and iPhone.

It’s a cheap app, around a quid, and offers only simulated gaming, so it’s aimed purely at having fun, it’s nicely designed and does attempt to replicate – in a roundabout way – to that of a real casino, but really it’s just cutesy vignettes. There are many graphics to choose from to create a bespoke experience when playing.

Roulette Bet Wheel

Believe it or not this is one of the fastest growing apps on the internet. It’s a classic simulated roulette table that appeals to any hardcore gambler that want to play on the move. We won’t say gambling addict; though the game can get addictive. It has had many great reviews over its time, has a lovely user interface, and is fairly simple to use.


Enjoy social gambling? Then you’ll love Roulettist for the iPhone, as it has a chat feature so you can waffle your way through the spins, if that’s your game. Getting started is very simple, not the usual complicated and frustrating experience that many gambling apps account for.

There’s a variety styles to choose from in the app, from the all-American, to the French or general European. 100,000 chips will only set you back $0.99, and you ca get a lot of play time from that.

The company behind Roulettist have (with its combined user base) over 80 million globally, so they know what they’re doing.

Roulette King

The King of them all, Roulette King, the app that offers free chips on a daily basis, and sports a clean design with a nice touch screen effect to make the gambling experience more realistic, much like the voice of the dealer when he calls out the winning number. Sounds crappy, but it does add to the overall fun and excitement of standing (or sitting) at the roulette table. There’s 18 types of betting options to suit most people.


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