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Top 5 sports betting wins: how 5 lucky winners turned small bets into huge wins

We all get the occasional feeling that big money could be heading our way. That’s why we play the Lotto, that’s why we stick a few quid on a horse, and that’s why we throw a bit of cash at a workplace sweepstake. Who doesn’t love a good cash win? Well this bunch of buggers featured in this article probably had more luck than even they expected, winning big when the stakes were low.

30p bet became £500,000 reality 

Don’t some things just make you sick with envy. A Manchester United fan put 30p (yes, thirty pennies!) on Bayern Munich to win the Champions League, and won back £500,000.

The Staffordshire man who remained anonymous placed an accumulator on 15 events, with shocking odds of 1,666,666-to-one.

Now that’s a jackpot. Bet he wished he’d have put 60p on, or a fiver even.

Premonition fetched £25,000

Adrian Hayward, a Newbury man, had something of a premonition, a lightbulb moment lets say.

He had what many would have thought to be a mad idea…that Liverpool’s then midfielder Xabi Alonso would score a goal from inside his own half during the season, so went and put (quite hefty sum of £200 down). The bookies must’ve laughed their socks off. Well, Alonso did exactly bloody that.

With odds of 125-1, Hayward netted £25,000. Wish we all had these premonitions.

Fairly unknown Federer held ticket to over £100,000

Back in 2003 who would have known that Roger Federer – who just won his first Wimbledon Grand Slam – was cut out for such greatness on the tennis court? Well, the answer to that in layman’s term would be late Nick Newlife, who placed £1,520 on the Swiss to win six more by 2019.

The Oxfordshire man, Newlife, sadly passed away in 2009, but left his £101,840 winnings to charity Oxfam.

The 66-1 odds that Newlife had a punt on, will at least go to a good cause.

13-years-old Louis Hamilton nets man £125,000

Being a keen racing fan and having £100 spare cash went hand-in-hand for one man, who placed a bet after seeing the young teen smash up a race, that Hamilton would win the big time before he was 25.

So when he did indeed win the F1 World Championship in 2008, the man also cashed in his £125,000 winning slip.

It would probably have made better viewing watching that man than watching Hamilton win the race that day in 2008.

Rory gives dad roaring win

Rory McIlroy is of course a top top golfer, and his dad had so much faith in this when his nipper was, well, pretty much a nipper still (15), that he put £200 at 500-1 odds that his lad would have in the bag a British Open title by the age of 25.

Rory did just that, won the British Open at the age of 25, so his pops had £180,000 to enjoy.
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