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What do you think Will and Kate will name their third child?

Speculation is growing that despite Kate Middleton and Prince William already having two beautiful children,- Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the pair could be set to announce another expected baby, but what will the royal’s be naming their next bundle of joy?

From September, Prince George begins school which has enhanced rumours the royal’s may choose to expand their brood. This would make their third child fifth in line to the British throne and the Queen’s sixth great-grandchild.

Earlier in March, it was rumoured that Prince George had revealed the secret news to the Queen, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla after the Commonwealth Games baton launch.

Despite Kate not yet announcing her pregnancy, it hasn’t stopped odds flying around the bookies with potential names for their third -born child. But which are most likely at the bookmakers?

With odds of 8/1 at Paddy Power for both Alice and Victoria, and BetFred offering odds of 10/1 for Alice, and 12/1 for Victoria, these are the current favourites.

Not only was Queen Victoria’s daughter named Alice, but Prince Philip’s Mother was too.

Kate also wrote a dissertation on Alice in Wonderland whilst attending university, bumping up its significance for being chosen.

Victoria, being the second most popular name amongst the reigning monarch to Queen Elizabeth II could also be what makes this another top choice.

BetFred and Paddy Power currently have odds set at 5/6 for the sex of their third child to be either male or female, so it’s a good time to take your pick.

With Boris and Camilla also amongst those as options to bet on, currently both with odds at 100/1 with Paddy Power, there is an interesting selection available to say the least.

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So whichever baby name you decide, we hope you get it right for your chance to live life like royalty!

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