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Where to feast out on a Macau buffet when you hit big in the casino – Gambling Deals explores the best

Every major casino city caters for the greedy, it’s what drives the cycle of ups and downs, and propels the spending to accommodate the winnings, and vice versa. Macau is certainly a major location for the keen gambler, with its spectacular hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues to keep even the hardest of boiled eggs occupied.

Every gambler needs a good pre-feed to keep the mind focussed at the tables, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the best buffets to cater for your pre and post-gamble hunger.

888 Buffet

When the famous Las Vegas buffet concept descended on Macau, with it superb blend of Chinese and South East Asian cuisine which sports a healthy selection and yummy Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes – visitors knew they were in for a treat. It’s short stroll from 888 Gourmet Place.

It’s always well-stocked with something that’ll satisfy your appetite, and they have options coveringt the day’s three courses: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mezza9 Buffet

Taking inspiration from Singapore’s mezza9 at Grand Hyatt, mezza9 Macau at Grand Hyatt in the City of Dreams, offers some equally impressive spreads from a variety of cuisines to cater for broad tastes of its guests.

Here you can get quality Asian food, and plenty of western and European dishes all in one room. There’s a fantastic grill; sushi and sashimi areas, a nice hot wok, and a delicatessen and pâtisserie. This is without mentioning the bar and wine cellar. The environment is nice and relaxed, not overly fancy, so a good place to relax and spend you gambling win.

Bambu Buffet in Venetian

If you can’t satisfy your appetite in Bambu Restaurant, then you have no business with food. There’s the wide range of seafood: big oysters, crab, prawns, scallops, mussels and fresh fish, an even wider variety of sauces at hand.

This is possibly one of Macau’s best BBQs too. If roast duck and chicken, or barbecue pork are is your thing, then here you’ll feel as though you’ve truly arrived. There is the sushi option here too, and you can even get the chef to make for you something quite specific after choosing your ingredients. Bingo!

Kira Seafood Buffet

At the Altira Macau hotel you’ll find Kira Buffet, a high quality spread of seafood that will inform you precisely why it is fully booked more or less all the time. There’s as much lobster as you could ever manage, and the usual seafood classics that you’ll be familiar with that you may struggle to match the quality from any other Macau buffet.

Sushi here though is not unlimited, so make sure you get a good fill of that before leaving the belt.


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