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Will Young the rich reality TV star

Anyone over the age of 25 will likely remember the televised British music contest Pop Idol. It was a hugely popular show in the early 00s that pulled in massive viewing figures and marked the era of reality TV. Two names that spring to mind are Gareth Gates and Will Young, who went head-to-head on the show in 2002.

The latter, Will Young, was the first to win the show which guaranteed him a £1 million record deal with BMG, which in turn saw him plenty of cash as his ready-made popularity was cashed-in in sales of music records.

Young’s debut single “Anything Is Possible” was released to the public a couple of weeks after the show’s final, and it quickly became the fastest-selling debut single in the UK.

Will Young is reckoned to be worth million today.

The 37-year-old hails from Berkshire, has a twin brother and an older sister, and is openly gay, which of course, the tabloid press enjoyed reporting on when he came out to the public.

His music success speaks for itself. His 2003 album “Friday’s Child” became five times platinum in the UK, and many of his proceeding works also became extremely popular hits. His success knows no bounds, he’s had a whopping 4 number one albums in the UK, let alone success with his singles.

His talent has bagged him two BRIT Awards, and has sold over eight million albums. Imagine the cash that landed in his bank. Probably covered his tuition fees and lumped his pension pot up nicely. (And surely bought financial security to his relatives, if they didn’t already have it.

The talented star read politics at the University of Exeter, but eventually moved to the Big Smoke to study musical theatre at Arts Educational School.

But the musical Young had a taste of the stage long before he went to university. As a child Young learned to play the piano, and first hit the stage at school aged just four, where he played the role of a fir tree. His talent was clearly recognised early on. Ahem.

What’s nice about Young, is that he’d had a pretty normal life before he hit the big time. He even worked — like the rest of us — as a waiter at his local cafe.

While at university, Young’s housemate showed him the advert for the Tv show, which eventually led to Young’s huge successes. Let’s imagine that the star has bought his mate a pint for the heads up. He certainly desires it.

His talent, too, doesn’t stop at music. Young has starred in various TV shows and films, including BBC’s Mrs. Henderson, where he showcased his acting talents as Bertie, against the likes of renewed Bob Hoskins and Dame Judi Dench.

What hasn’t done Young’s career any harm is the fact that all kinds of awards for his good looks and thought-through style.

It certainly hasn’t done the young man’s bank balance any harm. Talent really can provide wealth, especially if you get to showcase it in front of the British public every week and they decide that they like what they’re seeing.

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