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Long gone are the days of having to walk in to your local pub to play a slot machine! Remember those days? You’d have to insert cash in to the casino slots UK machine, and you would only have a couple of machines to choose from at best. While it was fun, you always knew where you stood. If the machine had recently paid out, then you might as well wait a couple of days for the machine to fill up and the jackpot to grow. You can also forget about increasing your stake size or driving up the jackpots. The machines were too limited. Things have definitely now changed and it’s easy to find the best slot games. The online casino slot space is now huge. Here at Gambling Deals (home of the best gambling sites), we find out exactly why everyone is talking about the best new slot sites.

Casino Slots UK Games

What type of slots can I play? – Casino Slots UK

When you play slots online, you literally have hundreds, if not thousands of different titles to choose from. If you want to replicate classic 3 reel slots, this is entirely possible. However, we think that the best slot games out there are the ones that offer non-stop action. We also love amazing features and bonuses, which the best slot games are packed full of. At an absolute minimum, we expect the very best slot games to offer a ‘Wild’ symbol.

The wild symbol can be substituted for most other symbols, just like back on the old pub fruit machines. Usually, the best slot games will substitute wild symbols for all standard symbols, apart from the bonus and scatter symbols.

Feature-rich slots will also offer a number of in-play bonuses. The best slot games will have more than one feature, which should include a free spins bonus round, scatter multipliers and even a ‘Pick-a-Box’ style game. The best slot games will ultimately keep the player entertained at all times.

In order to achieve this, the best slot games should have state of the art, ultra-modern graphics. This should also include ongoing 3d visualisations and sound effects.

On top of feature-rich and traditional slots, the best slot games are those that offer significantly large jackpots. In fact, progressive jackpots these days often surpass the million pound mark! The best slot games are able to achieve this when the underlying software developer links the title across multiple operators. As a result, all player stakes are put in to a collective prize pool, with the operator taking a small cut for hosting the game.

What’s the best stake sizes?

One of the best aspects to playing the best slot games online is that effectively, players decide how much they want to win. The reason is that online slot games use multipliers. Unlike the classic pub fruit machine setup, which fixed the jackpot and stake size. The best online slots offer fixed multipliers. The way this works is that you can apply a fixed multiplier to each payout combination. This multiplied by the stake, increasing your payouts when you win.

To illustrate this point further, let’s say that a slot offers a maximum jackpot prize of 2,000x. If you were playing at a casino slots UK operator at £1 per spin and you landed the jackpot, you would win £2,000. Alternatively, if you were instead playing at a casino slots UK operator at £5 per spin, then the jackpot would be £10,000!

This essentially allows the player to choose how much they want to stake, and how much they want to try and win. Thus, this is something that cannot be replicated in the pub fruit machine space!

In terms of limits, this will depend on the operator in question. However, the best slot games will typically allow the player to stake as little as 25p per spin, right up to a staggering £100 per spin!

What are my chances of winning? – Casino Slots UK

In order to understand your chances of winning on the best slot games, you should first spend some time understanding the role that a machine RTP plays. The RTP, or ‘Return-to-Play’, is the long-term percentage that the game pays out. For example, if the best slot games title has an RTP of 97%, then this means that the casino will retain 3% of all bets. As such, the best slot games will offer the highest RTP percentages. In terms of averages, casino slots UK operators will generally offer at least 96% on their titles. However, this isn’t always the case.

This is especially true if you are playing progressive jackpot slots. Casino slots UK providers that offer jackpots in the millions of pounds will no doubt offer a lower RTP. This means that whilst the player has the chance of winning big, they could play for long periods of time without landing a win.

On the other hand, if the casino slots UK operator offers a really low RTP, but the maximum jackpot is also low, then the machine does not offer the player any value.

Find out the RTP for each game type easily with each casino slots UK operator. It’s always clearly displayed when you access the slot interface. In most cases, you will find it by clicking on the ‘Pay Table’ button. Once you flick through the different payout amounts, the machine should state the long-term RTP.

How do I know the best slot games are legitimate?

We always get asked whether casino slot platforms are legitimate. It’s a really common question that players want to know. First and foremost, if online casino sites want to offer their slot games to UK players, then they must first obtain a gambling licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This is no easy feat, as the operator must meet a range of legislative requirements, as set out by UK regulators.

Secondly, we should also note that the underlying software developers themselves must be licensed. This is to ensure that the casino slots UK games on offer are not only credible, but fair. Play an online slots website that are fully regulated and licensed. You then rest east knowing that your play has full regulatory oversight on two fronts.

The final icing on the cake is that slot-game data is subsequently available for third party entities for audit. This ensures that each and every slot game that you play online is true and fair!

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