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Gold Rally Slots

The Gold Rally Slot game is a rather basic online slot machine that dates back to an original launch date of 2004. Playtech developed the underlying software living up their name as a leading software provider. As a result, it is now available to play at a vast number of online casinos.

The Gold Rally slot overview

One of the key factors that makes the Gold Rally Slot game unusual is that it offers a significantly large progressive jackpot. We usually see this feature in state-of-the-art slots that have amazing graphics, visualisations and a substantial number of paylines.

On the contrary, Playtech have keep things simple with the Gold Rally Slot. In terms of the theme, the Gold Rally Slot is based on an old school Western movie. This includes symbols that represent guns, maps, gold diggers and lamps. Interestingly, the slot machine has a reel layout that spans 3×3.

There is a maximum numbers of 8 paylines available, with the Gold Rally Slot machine RTP (Return-to-Player) set at 96.7%. We love this RTP for a progressive slot. The progressive jackpot exceeds £1 million often because Playtech link-up is installed on the title.

In order to market the Gold Rally Slot to the masses, Playtech have optimized the game across multiple smartphone and tablet devices. This covers all major operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.

In the next part of our review, we are going to look at whether or not the game has any notable bonuses and features.

Gold Rally Slot Screen

Features, symbols and specials in the Gold Rally Slot

Players get instant cash prizes of 5x, 10x, 50x and a remarkable 200x when hitting 5, 6, 7 or 8 gold scale symbols. This is mega and a big bonus for the slot. However, that’s not all. If you are able to fill the entire 3×3 layout with scatter symbols, you win the jackpot! If the underlying pot has had time to build up, you could become an instant millionaire! Many have done before.

First and foremost, the Gold Rally Slot does not include any wild symbols. However, this makes sense when you take in to account the 3×3 layout. In terms of scatters, these are represented by the ‘Gold Scales’ symbol. If you manage to get at least 5 in view, you trigger the Gold Rally Slot scatter bonus.

Take note, you need to ensure that you have all 8 paylines in-play to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. Otherwise, you won’t have enough paylines to accumulate the 9 symbols.

On top of the scatter bonus there is as an additional ‘Gold Rally’ bonus round. You need to get the ‘Dynamite’ symbol in all 4 corners of the 3×3 grid. In doing so, a mini game of random bonus prizes is up for grabs. You simply need to select which box you want to blow up to reveal your cash prize!

Outside of the aforementioned bonuses, the rest is down to standard gameplay. In terms of big wins, you can only fill the entire 3×3 grid with the gold scale scatter symbols. Player’s win the highest amount that the Gold Rally Slot offers when they hit the ‘GR’ logos. This returns a huge 500x in standard game play.

So now that we’ve covered the availability of bonuses and features, in the next part of our Gold Rally Slot review we are going to explain how to play it!

How to play?

In a nutshell, operating the Gold Rally Slot game is as simple as it gets. This falls in-line with the basic nature of the layout. Once you have chosen your preferred Playtech casino and loaded the game up, you need to determine how much you want to bet on each spin.

The total amount of paylines in operation is automatically set at 8 by default. If you want to reduce this, you need to click on the white ‘Bet One’ button. However, don’t forget that you need all 8 lines in order to have a chance of hitting the progressive jackpot!

In a rather unusual move, the Gold Rally Slot game does not allow you to adjust the actual coin value. The amount is £2 and cannot be changed. Therefore, to get the total stake per spin, simply multiply the total lines in operation by £2. For example, playing the maximum 8 paylines would amount to a total spin size of £16.

Other than this, all you need to do now is press the ‘Spin’ button to get those reels moving! Unfortunately, the Gold Rally Slot game does not have an auto play feature, so you will need to click the spin button yourself!

If at any point you want to check how much each symbol pays, or you need further clarity on the bonus round, simply click on the green ‘Pay Table’ button.

The Gold Rally slot summary

In summary, Playtech have created an interesting game with their Gold Rally Slot title. The developers have decided to combine simplicity with a progressive jackpot, which is something you don’t often see in the online casino space. Usually, progressive jackpots are linked to feature-rich slots that have never-ending interactive graphics and sound effects. Not in this case, as the game keeps things simple at all times.

This isn’t to say that the slot doesn’t offer any features at all. The scatter symbols offer a reasonable cash multiplier and of course, by filing the entire 3×3 grid, you win the jackpot. On top of this, you also have the mini bonus round, which provides a little bit of excitement along the way.

What we were really impressed with was the fact that the Gold Rally Slot offers an impressive RTP of 96.7%. We’re used to seeing huge jackpots on offer. Usually countered by lower RTPs. This isn’t the case with Gold Rally.

Finally, due to the long-standing relationship that Playtech have with the online casino space, the Gold Rally Slot is available to play at a good number of platforms – most of which offer a welcome bonus to entice you in.

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