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Golden Ticket Slots

Golden Ticket is an online video slot that is available to play at a range of main-stream casino platforms. Designed and built by leading software developers Playngo, the theme is centred on a circus. As such, there are a range of fun symbols that make an appearance, including that of iron weights, a bodybuilder, juggling skittles, top hats and a clown!

Play Golden Ticket slot overview

In terms of the underlying graphics, Playngo have installed an array of exciting colours, interactive animations and an eye-catching back-drop. When you first play Golden Ticket Slot, you will notice that the slot layout is rather unique. The reason for this is that the main slot grid takes on a 5×5 layout.

No only is the 5×5 slot grid innovative, but so is the payline structure. This is because in effect, there are no traditional paylines in place. Instead, when you play Golden Ticket Slot, you land a win whenever you get 3 or more symbols in a row.

Take note, this needs to be a ‘straight line’ win. This means that whilst horizontal and vertical lines are eligible for a pay-out, diagonal combinations are not. As a result, a single symbol can form more than one payline, insofar that both a horizontal and vertical combination can be made concurrently.

When you play Golden Ticket Slot online, you are offered a highly competitive RTP (Return-to-Player) of 96.73%. Whilst the maximum jackpot is somewhat limited at just 200x, this is countered by the reasonable house-edge on offer. As is now common practice with Playngo backed games, you can also play Golden Ticket Slot on both smartphone and tablet devices, across Android and iPhone.

So now that we’ve covered the basics of what to expect when you play Golden Ticket Slot, in the next section we will explore what bonuses and features are on offer.

Play Golden Ticket Slot Screen

Features, specials and symbols in the Golden Ticket Slot Game

Firstly, the Golden Ticket offers wild symbols that are represented by the main ‘Golden Ticket’ logo. They substitute all symbols, paying 100x when 5 formulate an eligible payline. Furthermore, the wild symbols can appear anywhere within the 5×5 grid.

It is also worth noting that every time you land a win via a wild symbol, the non-wild symbols that formed the win are replaced. If the newly replaced symbols form a new win, then it is multiplied further. Each subsequent win that you get in a row increases the multiplier, offering a great chance to land some decent pay-outs. Moreover, if you manage to clear the entire 5×5 grid, you are awarded the jackpot of 200x!

Moving on, there is also an interactive bonus game available. Every time you spin the reels during standard gameplay, 2 random columns will contain the word BONUS, with 1 letter appearing on each row. If you are able to fill at least one of the columns with the full BONUS spelling, then you enter the feature round.

When you do, you are presented with a new screen layout that resembles a shooting range gallery. Every time you release a shot, you reveal one of the secret boxes. Each box has a hidden prize within in. Furthermore, some boxes contain a special ‘Bonus’ symbol. If you manage to clear 5 or more of these bonus symbols, then you are offered additional shots in the feature round. In total, you can get a maximum of 20 shots and as such, unlock 20 cash prizes.

So now that we’ve covered the availability of bonuses and features, in the next part of our review we are going to show you how to play Golden Ticket slot.

How to play Golden Ticket?

Once you find a suitable online casino that allows you to play Golden Ticket Slot, you initially need to pre-set your betting stakes. Firstly, as there are no traditional paylines in place, you do not need to adjust the amount of lines per spin.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a yellow bar with a range of cash values. By clicking on one of the cash values, you determine how much you bet per spin. The spin value is somewhat interesting, not least because it seems to jump quite considerably from stake-to-stake. You have the choice to bet £0.20, £1.00, £2.00, £10.00 or £40.00.

Therefore, if you are brave enough to stake the upper-limit amount of £40.00 per spin, then you have the chance of walking away with a maximum jackpot of £8,000!

Once you are happy with the total stake size, simply click on the ‘Start’ button to spin the reels. Alternatively, you can utilise the auto play feature. When you click on the ‘Auto Play’ button, you can select 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 automatic spins.

Finally, if at any point during the game you want to check how much each subsequent symbol pays, or you need more information on the feature round, simply click on the ‘Pay Table’ button. This is located on the left side of the slot, and it gives you a full breakdown of the gameplay rules.

Play Golden Ticket slot summary

In summary, Playngo have created a really innovative and exciting slot game with their Golden Ticket title. If you are yet to play Golden Ticket Slot for the first time, you will notice how much of a good job the developers have done with the underlying software. This includes non-stop interactive motion features, state-of-the-art graphics and entertaining sound effects.

In terms of the house-edge, when you play Golden Ticket Slot you are offered an RTP of 96.73%. Although this is pretty competitive, bear in mind that the maximum jackpot on offer is just 200x. However, if you are more of a high-roller and prepared to stake the upper-limit maximum of £40.00 per spin, this does give you the chance to walk away with £8,000!

Finally, in order to keep the player entertained at all times, when you play Golden Ticket Slot you have the chance to trigger a highly interactive bonus round. In doing so, you are presented with a ‘Shooting Gallery’ feature that offers up to 20 cash prizes!

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